Birth of Elos

After spending Yuletide at Oleg's and planning where to build their capital of Gruun. After a few days of planning the founding leaders all agreed to claim the Stag Lords Fort to become the capital of Elos, that they would name Gruun.

Awaiting wisely for shipment of gold, tools, craftsmen, laborers, and colonists eager to make a new life in a new kingdom to arrive, the heroes dispersed and traveling in three separate groups. The first of these consisting of the new Warlord Braexin Thurin & future emissary Lilian Pumba returning to Restov to gather special supplies agreed upon and additional soldiers to help train and protect the fledgling nation until they could build their own army. The second group consisted of Grand Diplomat Griffin Tailwhin, Spymaster Hunter and Marshal Andraste Caerastra, as they traveled into the woods to meet with the lycan's they had met previously in hopes of forging an alliance with them, which resulted in guidelines for their visits and the establishment of an emissary. The third group consisted of Kral(Ruler) Owlbear Hathorn, Royal Enforcer Daemon Deangelle, other heroes, and the colonists as they traveled to their new home to begin construction of Gruun.



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