Fall of the Stag Lord

Prior to the winter months a handful of adventurers of many different walks of life made their way to the city of Restov where they were to meet with a Swordlord known as Rastus Aldori. Upon their arrival the various adventurers were disappointed to be informed they would not actually meeting their mysterious employer during this visit, but were to depart for Oleg's Trading Post immediately.

After a few days travel the heroes slowly arrived at Oleg's and were greeted by a rather gruff and rude man that introduced himself as Oleg. While they were provided time to meet with the other members of their 'company' the old outpost was beseiged by local bandits, seeking their tribute for the month. The heroes all agreed to stand up and put down this threat and begin the job they were all employed for.

After a short fight they successfully killed all of the bandits that arrived at the trading post and took a short time to get to know own another before beginning to explore and map the region, not planning for or preparing for long excursions, they arrived returned to Oleg's a short time later to meet additional adventurer's assigned to the same task.


These newly acquainted heroes would begin traveling together and slowly working through some of their differences, although a great many still remained until they faced off against lycanthropes, a primordial Gorillon, and a bandit encampment before they learned in order to survive and complete their contract they would need to work together and as a team.

It was after the first real test that they had against the bandit encampment that they learned the figure known as the Stag Lord was the major threat in the region and that if they had any hope of dealing with him and his 'bandit kingdom' they would have to work together and use all of their skills to help them prevail.

After a long hard fought battle the heroes prevailed after turning a few of the Stag Lords own men against him, successfully slaying him and claiming his fort for their own.



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